Explore with us on small groups in carbon neutral trips

We work to give you an experience of a lifetime through activities in the wilderness while we compensate the co2 emissions
Explore with us on small groups in carbon neutral trips

Deep contact with nature and sustainability

In Andes Explora, we think small private trips are the best way to take deep contact with nature with a minimal impact on wildlife while allows you to enjoy the silence of the wilderness and go at your own pace. One costumer one tree: We plant a native tree through Reforestemos Patagonia ONG and neutralize our co2 emissions.

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Andes Tour: Road Trip - Half Day - Easy

This is the perfect trip if you want to see the Andes without too much physical effort at just one hour from Santiago. Is a half day trip, mostly a road trip with some short walking to great lookou...


Exploration means discover a new place for you. To explore sometimes you need to go by water, snow, horse or simply walking... Look for the right activity you want to perform.



Enjoy amazing trips over a horse. Maybe through a wineyard with wine tasting or along a river with great views to glaciers and great peaks
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Walk through snowcaped valleys and breath taking high peaks along rivers and ponds with possible Condor and Fox encounters
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Walking is the simplest way to explore. See our great hikes of half day and full day. For overnights hikes please go to: Overnight Hikes
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Overnight Trips

Overnight trips are the best opportunity to take a deep contact with nature and reach the most wild places. Sleep under million of stars with the sound of a river is an unvaluable experience. Save the money of your hotel and come to sleep in 5 billon star hotel!

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