Lakes Region

Lakes Crossing: Hiking - 4 Days - Easy

We´ll joint Todos los Santos Lake with Rupanco Lake, paddling on sea kayaks and walking among millennial forest. Options of tours of 4 and 6 days.

Highlights: Millenial forest / Hanging bridges / Pack Horses / Hot tub in the middle of the cold jungle / Lamb on a stick under starry night / Rivers, Water falls, Lakes and Lagoons/kayaking & hiking at the same tour /3 different volcanos / Hot Springs / private transport / organic food made by the sattlers / granite walls


6 days tour: 2 days of kayaking / 4 days of hiking

4 days tour: 4 days of hiking


Chile / Lakes District / Puerto Montt - Puerto Varas



Duration of the tour

Options with or without kayaking of 4 and 6 days Day 1: 3 hrs (paddling) / Day 2: 3.5 hrs (paddling) / Day 3: 3.5 hrs (hiking) / Day 4: 3.5 hrs (hiking) / Day 5: 4 hrs (hiking) / Day 6: 4 hrs (hiking)

Transportation time

1 hour of transportation on the car from Puerto Montt / Puerto Varas to the starting point.

Technical data

Miles covered each day: Day 1: 6 n.m (kayaking) / Day 2: 9.2 n.m (kayaking) / Day 3: 3 miles (hiking) / Day 4: 4.3 miles (hiking) / Day 5: 3.1 miles (hiking ) / Day 6: 4.1 miles (hiking)


September to April


Age of participants must be between 14 to 75 years old. Physical and medical condition must be compatible with activity (When in doubt, please ask). Know how to swim. Previous sea kayaking experience not required. The times on the itinerary below are an approximation of the schedule. These times could vary depending on weather and the speed of your group. A more accurate pick -up time will delivered once we receive your pick -up address obtained through the booking process.


Available alternatives: 4 & 6 days

Day 1: Between Volcanoes Emerald Waters

Puerto Montt / Puerto Varas - Petrohue - Camp 1

8:30: from your hotel or meeting point we take you in our private transport to the starting point. We´ll travel along Llanquihue Lake coast line with awesome views of Osorno Volcano. On the starting point at the shore of Todos los Santos Lake we are going to do a safety talk about how to paddle and rescue actions, then we are going to start paddling and enjoying the coast line, the forest, waterfalls, the pure water and the idyllic beaches. At the end of the day, camping at Escape Grande beach, with awesome views of Osorno Volcano, then dinner and share your day with a small bonfire.

Bonus: practice flyfishing at the river or shore of the lake or swim at the emerald waters in warm days.

Day 2: Bays & creeks

Escape Grande River - El Rincón Beach

Early in the morning we´ll start paddling to El Rincón beach, where we will be able to start our hiking part of the expedition. So we´ll follow the shore line, crossing bays and The Peninsula Bonita to reach this point. Will have the opportunity of paddle up creeks and inmerse in narrows bays among the native forest. Also you'll enjoy amazing views of Tronador and Puntiagudo Volcanos.

Day 3: Pioneers

El Rincón Beach - Pioneers Farm

Amazing hiking among native forest, walking up along the shore of Sin Nombre River. Spectacular and exciting hanging bridges are waiting for us before reach the pioneers family farm. The Llefy family will welcome us with tasty organic farm products. Enjoy at the afternoon, the hot tub while you admire the gorgeous views of the Puntiagudo Volcano and its sharp icy summit. If you thing that's all, you are wrong... enjoy at dinner, a Lamb on stick under the most amazing starry night you've ever seen.

Day 4: The Twins Waterfalls and Callao Hot Springs

Pioneers Farm - Callao Hot Springs

Maybe you have seen lot of waterfalls on your life, but you have not seen The Twins Waterfalls! At the morning enjoy a short walk with terrific views of Puntiagudo Volcano to the Twins Waterfall. Walk behind the waterfall and climb to the top of them, enjoying the sunshine on the clear waters. At afternoon go for a short hiking to Callao Hot Springs. Combine the warm magic waters of the Hot Spring with the cold, clear waters ponds of The Sin Nombre River. Camp at the Hot Springs.

Day 5: Los Quetros Lagoon through Mañío Forest

Callao Hot Springs - Los Quetros Lagoon

Enjoy an early bath at the hotsprings before the breakfast. Then walk through an amazing path among Mañio millenial forest. The reward: an incredible quite lagoon inmerse on the cold jungle. Also you'll see the granite walls of El Borracho Mount.

Day 6: Hiking to Rupanco Lake

Los Quetros - Rupanco Lake

From Los Quetros Lagoon will cross a hill with nice views and native forest. from the top of the hill we are going to start the downhill to Las Gaviotas Beach in Rupanco Lake. From there we are going to take a Ferry along Rupanco Lake, to our private transport to Puerto Varas / Puerto Montt


  • This activity could include paddling in windy conditions as well choppy water, driving by land roads with projections, sudden changes of weather, paddle under strong sun.
  • Schedule may change due to worsening in weather.
  • Guides have the last call in critical decisions and required cooperation of every client.
  • Paddling and walking hours are estimates based on the average client and will depend on the strength of the group and the climate conditions.
  • Guides are at your service, but cooperation will be needed in group tasks such as camp building, cooking and kayak carrying.

What's included

  • Private transportation from Puerto Varas or Puerto Montt
  • Complete sea kayak gear: kayak, paddle, life jacket, dry bags, spray skirt, bilge pump
  • 2 Guides trained in sea kayaking and with first aid
  • Every breakfast, snack and meal needed during the trip.
  • Lamb on a stick and organic food at Pioneers Farms
  • Packhorses
  • Ferry transportation from Gaviotas Beach in Rupanco Lake
  • Hotspring and camp fees.
  • First aid kit
  • VHF Radio and Satelital Phone

What's not included

  • Transport from Santiago to Puerto Varas or Puerto Montt
  • Personal Clothing (Please check "Gear")
  • Personal Insurance
  • Sleeping bag and sleeping pad (rental available)

What to bring:

Recommended personal gear list aquí (Ask for english version). Rental available in sleeping bag, sleeping pad and some other items.